Slavery Was The Cause Of The Civil War Essay

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. Introduction One of the most devastating wars in American history, the American Civil War was fought between the Union (Northern States) and the Confederacy (Southern States) that last 4 long years. The North saw this was a revolution of the South, whereas the South saw it as a war for independence. 600,000 lives were lost, but for what? The war erupted after several years of differences; political and social, but i believe that Slavery was the sole cause of the war. II. Background When our nation was first ratified under the Constitution of the United States, our founding fathers firmly declared that all men were created equal, How could this be though, a nation founded on ideas of equality be the nation with the largest slaveholding count in the world. Slavery is the practice of using forced labor of another race (in this case African-Americans). Why support something like this? Southern States argued that the prosperity of our nation relied on the work of African Americans. Abolitionists on the other hand didn’t agree with the idea of slavery because they felt it was immoral. III. Argument …show more content…

The treatment of slaves before the Civil War escalated to the point where they began to run away from their owners. Southern Slave owners of course were enraged by this. so they worked to get the Fugitive Slave Act which legally required any runaway slaves to be returned to their owners. Slaves were seen as property, not as people and that is when the disagreements came in. Northerners completely disagreed with all ideas southerners held. Constantly the two sides went back and forth playing political games trying to swing their way, but that can only so far. War was unavoidable and slavery was the main cause for it

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