Slaves: Symbolism And The Equiano Story

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Did you know that the average cost of a slave in America about 1850s was about $400, which as of today it would be about $12,000 ? “Slaves” come from the slavonic population in Eastern Europe, which they were also enslaved in the Middle Ages. A slave is defined when (slave)owners basically just take control of others and force them to obey their commands. When i was reading the Equiano, I noticed that him and his sister had got captured when they were little children and were brought on the ship where they were then labeled as slaves. They had no way to escape, they were trapped, there was no other way to get back to their hometown so they basically had nothing else to do but work for the slave masters. This was also a sad story about the children who are forced to work with no mercy…show more content…
They were used to work for people, all the slave masters had to do was sit back and watch them work in sweat and pain.They have to work to survive, they had no other choice. But we also have to work to survive and to keep ourselves from not struggling and out on the streets. They both had to work long hours everyday to know that they were able to go to sleep and night and wake up safely. They both had to work to make themselves look like they were doing a good deed and just follow what they were
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