Sleep And Teens: Annotated Bibliography

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Quarter 1 Assessment: Annotated Bibliography Thesis Statement: Due to adolescent sleep patterns, school needs to start at 10:00AM Source 1: The UCLA Health website tells how teenage sleep patterns differ from adults, due to changing bodies, and internal sleep clocks. This informational database is based on college research. The title of this page is “Sleep and Teens”. There is no listed author. “Teens are at an important stage of their growth and development. Because of this, they need more sleep than adults. The average teen needs about nine hours of sleep each night to feel alert and well rested.” (UCLA) Rapidly changing bodies, and busy schedules, causes sleep be a challenge for teens. The of teens circadian rhythm is pushed back a couple hours, but because school starts early, this usually results in …show more content…

Teenagers brain’s are constantly being filled with new information, this is why so much sleep is required for teenagers to be productive students. If school does not start later students will not process any of the day’s learning. Source 4: Nationwide Children’s is an informational database that contains a lot of suggestions and data about various illnesses. It also tells about common problems children face when growing up. The title of this page is ¨Sleep in Adolescents (13-18 years)¨ There is no listed author. “As a result, most adolescents are very sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation will impact on many aspects of your teenagers functioning” (Nationwide Children’s) Lack of sleep can affect a teen’s ability to perform academically, as well as cognitive ability. Teen’s moods can also be affected by sleep deprivation. Lastly, the risk of drowsy driving is very high and accidents are much more likely to occur. Unless school starts later teens will be a danger to themselves and

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