Sleep Apnea Summary

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Yantis portrays an anecdote to demonstrate the patient of sleep Apnea. She illustrates an example of Joseph which states, " She was surprised by his loud snoring and intermittent pause ...sound of snoring decreased slightly"(Yantis, 24AA). People with sleep apnea fail to breathe for a minute or longer and wake up usually gasping for air. Sleep apnea is a life threatening and serious disease. In a night sleep there can be as many as 20 to 30mins per hour of involuntary breathing pauses. This kind of pauses are often accompanied by the sound of snoring, but this does not necessarily mean that everyone who snores has sleep apnea. People with this disorder usually end up sleeping during the daytime and have excessive fatigue. This is mainly because…show more content…
Wright asserts, " The association between sleep apnea and a range of poor health outcomes is generally weak with the exception of daytime sleepiness and possibly vehicle accidents for which the evidence are more convincing(p. 856)." It also causes acid reflux due to diaphragm creating negative pressure to move air into the upper airway. Since the person is tired and deprived of sleep, they may fall asleep while watching television or any time where there is lower stimulation. Some people have to wear a special mask connected to Continuous positive airway pressure(CPAP) machines to ensure that they breathe normally throughout the night, and the threat of breathing problem can cause severe anxiety. There can be decreased opportunities for intimacy and increased relationship dissatisfaction contributing mental stress to both parties. The cognitive impairment can take away focus, make the person feel sleepy and inactive, which can cause unexpected accidents and…show more content…
The management for narcolepsy asserts, "The consensus is that regular nocturnal sleep habits and attention to keep hygiene helps to minimize excessive daytime sleepiness and some evidence...."( Zaman, 727). Many people have an improvement in their symptoms if they maintain a regular sleep schedule, usually seven to eight hours per night. Also, a fifteen minutes nap throughout the day can be an effective way to cure narcolepsy. Individuals should avoid heavy meals, alcohol, and exercise regularly in order to maintain a healthy body in response to defend narcolepsy. Drugs that act as a stimulant like Ritalin, Provigil, Nuvigil, antidepressants and Xyrem are among the effective standard treatments for the
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