Sleep Deprived Analysis

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Johnny got home from school. He immediately went to a 2 hour basketball practice, afterwards he went straight home and ate dinner. He had a ton of homework and didn’t finish until 2 hours before midnight. Johnny then played fortnite with his friends on xbox until midnight when his parents told him to go to sleep. Johnny crawled into bed and was just about to drift to sleep when he remembered he had an essay due for ELA the next morning. Johnny rushed to his desk and didn’t finish the essay until 3 A.M. Johnny crawled into bed and collapsed from exhaustion. The next day Johnny fell asleep in several classes. Johnny also had a pop quiz which he failed and he didn’t even get a good grade on his essay. This is just an example of the struggles…show more content…
seems more awake at midnight than at dinner and left alone would probably sleep until ten or eleven that is the normal circadian rhythm for 15-22 year olds.” Says Juliann garey in her article called Sleep-Deprived? This info is just some of the tons that point to the unhealthy relationship between school and teens. You know how before you hit puberty you were always hyper, went to sleep early and woke up early? Well that all changes as soon as the hormonal changes that you receive when you are a teen happen. You stay up late doing homework or playing games with your friends through xbox until your mom tells you to go to sleep. Even then it can be hard to fall asleep since you still feel awake. There are very simple ways sleep deprivation in teens can be helped even if it doesn’t completely fix the problem.”Teens aren’t likely to change their sleep habits unless they recognize that more sleep will make them feel better…” Even logging off your xbox 15 minutes earlier and getting to bed could make you feel better. Also stop procrastinating until the day before a paper is due. Getting three hours of sleep just because you were lazy and wanted to play xbox is definitely not a good idea. I know how during the weekdays you don’t want to only do schoolwork but sometimes you just have to tough it up, be more responsible, go get goods grades by starting with a healthy amount of sleep.
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