Cause And Effect Essay: The Effects Of Sleep Deprivation

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The effects of sleep deprivation

There are copious reasons why people are not getting enough sleep. Stress, sleeping disorders, mental illnesses or staying up all night studying or working are only a few of them. Therefore, a lack of sleep is very common in our society. Apparently about 35 percent of American adults are not getting the recommended amount of seven to nine hours sleep on a regular basis. However, this sleep deprivation has serious effects on one 's life and health.

First of all, a deficit of sleep can lead to reduced life quality. People who are not getting enough sleep on a regular basis feel tired and exhausted. This fatigue leads to a lack of motivation as well as less willingness to do sports and activities that are exhausting or challenging. In addition, in many cases the deficiency of sleep causes moodiness and short temper, as often seen with children. This aforementioned bad mood as a result of tiredness, will probably affect one 's surroundings as well, for most people do not enjoy spending time with a moody, unmotivated person.
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First of all, the muscles cannot rest and relax; therefore, one might feel tense and get more cramps. In addition, sleep deprivation can increase one 's appetite. When lacking sleep, the body is low on energy. One way to adjust this energy deficit is eating. This increased food intake combined with a slower metabolism, another side effect of sleep deprivation, often causes a person to gain weight and can, in extreme cases, lead to obesity. Moreover, a shortage of sleep might disrupt the immune system, so a sleep deprived person may be more likely to catch diseases. Besides that, sleeping less than the recommended time on a regularly basis is associated with an increased risk of developing chronic diseases for instance diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke or mental

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