Sleep Deprivation Speech

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Sleep is extremely important for everyone 's physical and mental health. Sleep aids the healing and repairing process of the heart and blood vessels, and the correct amount of sleep has many other positive impacts on health. People do not pay close enough attention to what they are doing, and that causes a lack of sleep. Even though sleep is so very crucial for everyone 's health, millions of people suffer from sleep deprivation and the effects. Sleep deprivation can be caused by copious amounts of issues, but the main cause of sleep deprivation is simply staying up too late. Many reasons can impact why someone may be inclined to stay up later than healthy. Typically, kids and teenagers stay up too late because they become distracted or intrigued by their phones and electronics. Teenagers are likely to be interested in social media such as Instagram and Facebook and can become inattentive to the time as they scroll through social media. Some kids, teenagers, and even adults like to fall asleep watching television, yet they do not think about the…show more content…
Many students lose sleep because they are awake doing homework and studying when they should be sleeping. A diligent schedule for students and adults can be demanding to someone 's sleep schedule, because they are too busy to obtain the correct amount of sleep. Many high school kids who are involved in extracurricular activities, such as sports and music, tend to have even less sleep. For example, students are in school till about three o 'clock, and if the student is also an athlete they usually have practice or a game after school, and by the time they return to home it may be nine o 'clock or even ten o 'clock. After the student arrives at home, they most likely have a few hours worth of homework to do. Long work hours can also be very hard on sleep patterns, especially for students who also work. The working student has to try and manage work and school along with making enough time for the proper amount
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