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Sleep paralysis is diagnosed through clinical interview with patient and exclude other capable sleep disorders that could account for the feelings of paralysis. Psychiatrist or other doctor does not need any tests to treat most patients with recurrent isolated sleep paralysis but doctor should do an overnight sleep study if your problem is disturbing your sleep. This study is called a polysomnogram it records your brain waves, heartbeat, and breathing as you sleep it also records how your arms and legs move. Another study is electromyogram (EMG), its recording will show the level of electrical activity in your muscles and this level will be very low during an episode of sleep paralysis.
Treatment of SP:
Sleep paralysis is a once-in-blue-moon
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He has explored this phenomenon in various countries around the world, recently designed one of the first ever treatments for sleep paralysis called Meditation relaxation therapy or Muscle relaxation therapy, this intervention is called “Focused inward-attention meditation combined with muscle relaxation intervention” (37). It carries four steps to be followed one after the other, so that they almost overlap. It was specifically designed to give a complete and systematic step-by-step account on how to deal with SP directly during the actual attack approach. It is based on the aforementioned empirical and theoretical work. In other words, MR Therapy is exclusively a direct treatment; and, indeed, any techniques applied outside of SP (psycho-education, imaginary rehearsal, etc.) are not part of the intervention itself, but may still be useful as ways to augment the potential treatment effects. The therapy is based on four steps applied during sleep paralysis: (1) cognitive reappraisal; which entails closing one 's eyes, avoids panicking and re-appraising the meaning of the attack as benign. (2) Psychological and emotional distancing (emotion regulation); the sleeper reminds him or herself that catastrophizing the event such as fear and the worry. It will worsen and possibly prolong it. (3) Inward focused-attention meditation; focusing attention inward on an emotionally salient positive object. 4) Muscle…show more content…
SP in Brazil is usually described as “Pisadeira” attacks. In Saudi Arabian culture it’s called “Al-Jathoum”. In New found land, it 's known as "the old hag" who visits you in the night. In China, they know it as "ghost oppression", SP in Mexico is known as “Se me subió el muerto,” translated as “a dead body climbed on top of me”, Eskimos living in Canada’s subarctic region they refer to SP as “uqumangirniq”. Ethiopians consider the “dukak” an evil spirit that haunts the sleep. Yoruba people from Southwest Nigeria believe that the “Ogun Oru” is a female demon who possesses body and mind during dreaming, Sleep paralysis is sometimes interpreted as space “alien abduction” in the United States. In Thailand, the “phi am” is a ghost that haunts subjects when half-asleep and unable to move. Chinese traditional people also believe that a type of “ghost oppression” causes SP and in Caribbean called

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