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The right sleeping bag should be able to keep you comfortable, no matter the weather conditions outside. They trap air inside the bag, wherein your body acts as an insulator enabling the circulation of warm air inside. If you want to buy a sleeping bag that can last long, it is better to read best sleeping bag reviews 2014.
Why Do You Require a Sleeping Bag
If you are someone who frequently hikes or goes on trekking trips, a sleeping bag is a staple gear. It is important to get a comfortable rest and sleep at night if you are on a multiple-day hiking trip. A proper sleeping bag can make you feel utmost comfortable whilst inside the camping tent by keeping you warm during the winter months and warm during the summer months. Needless to say, a good sleep is essential to comfort your trip and to keep you fit and healthy to hike further.
What to Look for While Buying Sleeping Bags
Sleeping bags are created for various temperature ranges, and you can find the ideal one by looking at the various temperature ratings specified in each. It is not just ideal to buy any bag, as the ratings are meant to indicate the bag’s tolerance level during the extreme weather conditions. They feature seasonal
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The mummy bags are great for cold weather as they can snug to your body and feature an insulated hood for extra warmth. They are lightweight, and are quite towards the expensive side. The design is in such a way that the shoulder area is wider than the tapering lower section. Rectangular sleeping bags are great for cold weather, yet they are towards the heavier side. They appear rectangular giving a lot pf room for you to sleep in. They do not feature a hood, and are great for those who move quite a lot in their sleep. In addition, there are semi-rectangular bags, bivy sacks and women’s bags. Women’s sleeping bags are featured in such a way that the shoulder section is narrower than at the

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