Sleeping Beauty Good Vs Evil

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The theme of good and evil is common in many stories. The antagonists, who are generally villains, are not just born evil; they have a background to how they became evil. One villain is Maleficent who is very well known in Sleeping Beauty by her anger towards Aurora. Another villain is Ursula, who is a sea-witch that tries to take over the Atlantic because of her greediness to seek revenge. The Queen of Hearts let 's jealousy get the best of her, therefore making her want to become the ruler of Wonderland. In the Disney movie Sleeping Beauty, there are 2 perspectives, one is Aurora’s and the other is Maleficent’s. Maleficent is not invited to the christening of Princess Aurora; therefore Maleficent gets outraged and decides to seek revenge. Maleficent is evil because her revenge was to curse Aurora, “that she will die before sunset on her 16th birthday after pricking her finger on a spinning wheel”. Her plan is for…show more content…
Ursula was banished by King Triton and decides to seek revenge on him by becoming Queen of Atlantic. Ursula is bad because she uses other mermaid folk to achieve her own goals, and one of them is Ariel, King Triton 's daughter. Ursula’s plan is to take Ariel’s voice and for her dad to come in and save her. When King Triton signs a contract stating that she will be the Queen of Atlantic. Ursula now has become Queen of Atlantic, but Prince Eric defeats Ursula when she tries to kill Ariel. The last villain is the Queen of Hearts from the movie Alice in Wonderland. What made the queen of hearts evil was because she was always the best and favorite from her parents and she would get jealous. The Queen of Hearts loves to say “Off with their heads”. That means she kills many people for the reason the she just does not like them. The Queen of Hearts her goal is to keep Wonderland under her control. Her plan does not work thanks to Alice that comes to the rescue at the end of the
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