Sleeping Habits

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Being a university student, all-nighter is something that is commonplace. Lake of sleep may change the personal attitude of these students and affect them in several ways. Not giving the body enough hours of sleeping causes sleep deprivation and lead to an individual not feeling comfortable and being unready to go on with her or his day. Sleep deprivation caused by many reason. For instance, university pressure, an unorganized daily schedule, and electronics also take a big part to make things worse and worse. Lack of sleep could badly affect a student’s mental performance and cause depression, also physical conditions may be negatively affected by increasing the risk of diabetes. In addition, academic performance also suffers through losing…show more content…
All the activities we do in our normal day controlled by our brains, in order to perform well and be more effective we need to give our brains enough time of rest. Lack of sleep may cause many psychiatric illnesses. Such as, stress and overthinking is what can destroy the student career and end it so fast by decrease the student confidence to make him introvert and unsocial. The universities tasks and exams need enormous effort to be accomplished. In order to be success in your field you need to be more responsible and prepared to face difficulties, managing your time as one of the most important thing to start with, to be clear your brain need to be prepared more than your body, so sleeping is the fuel for our brains as much as you sleep and give the brain enough time to rest as good as the brain be more active and alert. According to the BBC news in reportage made by Dr.michael mosley, talks about the positive relationship between the memory and sleeping. That research state that during deep sleep your brain moves short-term memories, collected that day, into long-term storage, freeing up space in your brain to receive more, that means not getting enough time of sleep may lead to lose those memories. Moreover, lake of sleep negatively impact your ability to think straight and be more accurate in analyzing issues, sleep deprivation also have been consistently…show more content…
Such as, cause diabetes type1, weight gain and poor balance. Forcing the body to stay awake also affects blood pressure and level of inflammation, resulting in an increase susceptibility to heart diseases and cancer. Somehow, Sleep deprivation prevents your immune system from increase its forces. If you don’t get enough sleep, your body might not be able to foreclose invaders. it's going to conjointly take you longer to get over sickness. long sleep deprivation conjointly will increase your risk for chronic sicknesses. Moreover, according to Dr. Donald Hensrud in on study talking about the relative between sleeping and weight gain, recurrent sleep deprivation in men magnified their preferences for high-calorie foods and their overall calorie intake. In another study, ladies United Nations agency slept but six hours an evening or quite 9 hours were a lot of seemingly to realize 11 pounds (5 kilograms) compared with ladies United Nations agency slept seven hours an evening. Alternative studies have found similar patterns in youngsters and

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