Sleeping Prince Myths

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Legends are stories somewhat based on true historical events and these stories are passed down by mouth like at a camp fire told to you from your grandfather. Myths are based on more of religion than historical events. They usually have some hero like in Hercules, and are normally full of heroic people like gods and godly powers and strengths. Fairy tales contain more of the magical factor with magical creatures, magic, etc..
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Greek Folklore is the folklore originated in Greece.
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In the story “The Sleeping Prince” there is a princess who sits alone in her castle bedroom, only having her mother and father to keep her company. One day she hears a story of how a prince sleeps in a castle far away and she sets off to find him. She faces many problems and many dangers, but still, she finds her way to her prince. She stays there and awaits him to wake and when he does they of course live happily ever after. Here you watch as this average, small, little princess goes through this long and dreadful journey to look for a prince that she could’ve possibly had never found. She is at first seen in an “ordinary world” then takes “the call to adventure”. At one point she feels incapable to do so, which is the “ refusal of the call” but meets a bird with all of the right answers, the “meeting with the mentor”. She then “crosses the threshold” when she begins her journey in these metal boots to her prince. The princess then finds herself hiding from monsters, “tests, allies, and enemies”. After she leaves the house, she “approaches” the lions and conquered them, which also makes this her “ordeal”. When she enters the castle, she finds her prince, which is considered her “reward”. When she sits and waits for him to wake this is the “road back”. The “resurrection” is of course when he wakes up. The “return with the elixir” is when they live happily…show more content…
Christopher Vogler. “The Hero’s Journey Outline”. Hero’s Journey. N.p. n.d. Web. 17 May 2016. The journey is significant to this story due the character going to the same changes that the hero goes through. The princess goes on a hero 's journey to find a prince. The journey helps the reader by growing with the character. From the beginning the princess is nothing and alone. By the end of the story she has her prince and the reader has watched her become a better person and now the reader has grown with them. They, for the most part, all had something to do with the gods, seeing as how that is the Greek culture. They all have characters that have grown and that either are or they become strong and brave. The cultures, dreams and values are strength and bravery. In these stories demonstrate this by showing the character go through or achieve or conquer a journey “given to them” by something along the lines of fate or destiny. The values in this folklore, where as stated above. The strength and the bravery were presented in the highest in this story.
In future generations folklore will continue on to the new people of that culture. People today did not really use oral storytelling anymore, they use social media, but the tradition will
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