Sleepy Hollow Book Vs Movie Essay

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Well,this paper is about the differences of the book,Sleepy Hollow and the movie of the same name. They are quite different, in fact, more different than similar. Not that it’s crazy surprising considering hollywood rarely does a good job of portraying people,books,comic books,etc. I mean, just look at The Lightning Thief or The Last Airbender or basically any movie based on a comic book or book.Enough of talking about other movies. That’s not what this paper’s about so let’s get started on these differences,shall we? First off, in the book Ichabod is a total thin,tall,and generally lanky coward. He was also a school teacher who basically lived with his students’ families in exchange for labor such as cutting wood or something.In the movie it’s almost entirely different. In the movie, he’s the son of a witch who was killed for being a witch and he followed and accidentally scarred his hands by slamming them on spikes.Afterwards he becomes a detective and eventually travels to sleepy hollow in investigation of people getting killed and their heads being chopped off. In the book, The Headless Horseman wasn’t real,just people dressed up,trying to scare people but in the movie, it’s almost an entirely different case however the movie does make reference to it in a…show more content…
In the movie, it is foggy,swampish feeling, and less like an actual place and more like a horror movie location. In the movie it’s pictured as a peaceful and kind of a lethargic town plagued by the “Headless Horseman”. In the movie, it’s as little different. They’re setting up guard towers and it’s full of action and people are partying in the inn and the town is full of life which is nearly the opposite of the town in the book. For example, in the movie a person was impaled by a stake thrown through a church window and he was pulled out a window rather intensely. Then his daughter drew a magick sigil on the floor of the
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