Slenderman Speech

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The Slenderman ‘’He is always watching, listening and waiting for you, even if you don't know it, he could right behind you. The Slenderman will stop at nothing until he catches you and whoever was there at the main event of the transformation you will become one too.’’ These are the word my cousin Jacob, [who is 24 now] used to say to scare me and my older brother, but little did i know that i should've paid more attention. Sure you can see it all over the internet and youtubers saying his origin story, but the main question is: How do you know if it is true or not? Answer is you dont and you are just have to trust me on this. Let’s flash forward to high school in Allentown, Pennsylvania where I, Astral Baker am 17, your normal and all-american high school girl with her ‘’perfect brown hair/life’’, right? WRONG. First of all my life isn't perfect and nobody’s is until my friend Madeline Fowell came along. She has red hair with green eyes and is 17 as well, she also is in the student council she can get you and your date[whoever that is, it depends if she likes them or not] free tickets to homecoming which a month away. I tried telling her the legend of The Slenderman, but i guess it only works on…show more content…
I don't want to stalk or watch people and that even though this is a once in a lifetime experience for some people i would miss my family, my life.’’ Then He said, ’’ I know this is crazy, i thought if i could make you happy with a different life other than a boring high school with everyday with the same people and classes. When you are in this form you meet new people by stalking them of course, I didn't think the transformation would work and i am sorry but i watched Mr. NIghtmare and i subscribed ,sorry.’’
The only thing i could think at the moment was wow he really cares about how i feel just enough to make me into Slenderwoman and how we were going to get out of this

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