Slerodema Personal Goals

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As I heard the distressful clearing of my mother’s throat, I could automatically sense something was wrong. She came right out and got to the point, “I have Scleroderma,” she said. “Scle-what?” you are probably wondering. In short, Scleroderma is a rare; yet devastating skin disease where the skin tissues severely thicken and tighten, leading to severe life-threatening obstacles. Day to day activities got considerably challenging for her. Drastic changes in her physical and mental health such as changes in her elevation of her levels of energy, skin, weight, and signs of troubled breathing were clear. This is one of my prime reasons for choosing Three Rivers Community College over the […] at that time. I had realized I needed to place my dreams of studying at a university on hold to take care of my mother. Therefore, I utilized my skills in…show more content…
While simultaneously balancing work and school, I developed a greater sense of my abilities. I not only grew as an individual; but also gained character and knowledge. I can successfully state I have completed one year with a cumulative GPA of […]. Furthermore, I continue to participate in extra circular activities in my free time. For instance, I have held the position of assistant secretary of the business club, and have participated in the math and psychology clubs at Three Rivers Community College. Due to my mother’s condition improving over time, I am at a point in my life where I would like continue blossoming and fully reach the peak of my potential, uncovering the benefits of a gratifying college experience at […]. If admitted, what I can offer to the […] is a willingness to continue emerging academically, as well as socially, soaking up every bit of opportunity I am presented with in such an environment that is impelled to lead to progress and success. I would also set the one of the best examples of a future graduate of the […] I can

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