Slim In The Film Enough: Movie Analysis Of The Movie Enough

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In the movie Enough, the main character is Slim. She has a small family with her husband and a daughter. Slim faced a dilemma because of her abusive husband. Her husband is a dominant man and cannot tolerate when his woman go against his wants, this can be seen when her husband hit her as she asked about his secret affair with Darcelle. He also believes that he has the upper hand because of his strength and he is the one who make money for the family. He wanted to tell her that she has no right in asking about what he did when he is outside however, he seems like he lose his temper and he used action first before words. At first she was so scared as it is the first time it happened and her husband never laid a finger on her before but she…show more content…
Even though she is telling about her own story, she used her ‘friend’ as an excuse because she knows what her husband is capable of doing and his network of friends is wider than her. With the help of her three friends, she decided to run away from her husband. Even though she got beaten up when she tried to run, she never gives up and still wants to free herself from him. She went to stay with her friend but a group of fake FBI hired by Mitch showed up so, she went to an island with the help of her friend. Her stay on the island last longer than she expected. During her last escape from her husband, she went to see a lawyer but she does not get the answer that she wants. The lawyer suggested that she face her problem and stop running away. In the end, she sent her daughter to her friend and she started learning martial art to defence herself from her husband. She met her husband face to face and wanted to challenge him so that she can attack him. After she got her husband, her friend called the police and she confessed that she was only defending herself from her husband. She used her husband’s physical abuse history against
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