Slimy In Beowulf

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“It was cruel and slimy and its eyes shone green. A part of the night it moved through, its wicked heart was darker than the darkest place in that night. Even the moon would not look at it.” (pg. 7)that, was Grendel. I think that Beowulf is a book worth reading because it is exciting and meaningful. Beowulf is a book that takes place in Denmark. There once was a man named Hrothgar. He had a dream to build the biggest and glorious hall in the country, called Hall Heorot, so he did. That night, a strange, slimy creature appeared in the hall, it was Grendel! Grendel, a monster from the fen, filled the hall with blood, and when Hrothgar woke up that morning, he was devastated. Grendel killed the warriors, and the ivory floors and walls were dripping…show more content…
Grendel would snap their backs and eat them. Hrothgar thought that there was nothing to do until Beowulf came. Beowulf came to Hrothgar and told him that he wanted to fight Grendel. Hrothgar didn't have much faith in Beowulf when he came. Before Beowulf was about to fight, Hrothgar asks Beowulf where his sword was. He said swords were no use against Grendel in the past, so he wasn't going to use one. Beowulf and Unferth(a weird, drunk man), wanted to see Beowulf fight Grendel, so they stayed in the Hall to wait for him. Grendel came smashing through the doors, but when Grendel tried to attack, Beowulf held onto his arm. Grendel's struggled to get loose but he couldn't. He was getting weaker thought the lightness and power of Beowulf. Beowulf still held on, and then, from all of the struggling, Grendel's arm…show more content…
Wealhtheow is a very humble person who wears blue, and is very kind. Hrothgar is a strong king, who build a spectacular Hall, and Beowulf is a brave hero. What makes him different is that he admits the bad things about himself. Unferth is a drunk man, who doesn't want Grendel want to die. Grendel is a monster from the fen(a dark, wild, and ugly land with monsters), who doesn't like the light. He is slimy and gross. The ¨She¨ is Grendel's mother, who lives in the fen as well. Gilgamesh(a character who is part human and part god) is similar to Beowulf because they were both heroes and very brave and courageous. Beowulf told his flaws, but Gilgamesh did not. Gilgamesh also used swords and weapons to defeat his enemies, but Beowulf used his hands, the power of lightness, and beehives. I think that Beowulf is a book worth reading because it is exciting and meaningful. Beowulf is a great book because it tells us that even the best people admit their flaws and what they're bad
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