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Sloths By:Cameron R, Did you know that sloths are the slowest animal in the world? Did you also know that sloths spend almost their whole life in trees? While they are in the trees they eat leaves that are on the trees. If they are not eating leaves they will eat little insects on the ground. Their scientific classification is called folivora. Sloths live up to 20 to 30 years of age. When sloths are born they can be as heavy as a 3 year old when it is born. When they are born they also are as smart as their parents are but they do not see as good as their parents can.It wil take them about 20 minutues to crawl down a tree even if they get down from a tree Their is a 10 percent chance that they will come down from a tree. Sloths weight is about 8-17 pounds. Their length on their body is 2-2.5 feet long. Their height is 50 to 60 centimeters long. Sloths mostly live in South America and no other place. Sloths diet is mostly leaves and insects on the ground. The only animals they eat are spiders,and worms. They hardly ever eat those animals they eat mostly leaves on their diet.…show more content…
They hide in high trees which will help them survive from other animals,predators. They have one of the darkest brown skin color on their body. Their enemy is jaguars,large birds,snakes,and humans. The only snakes that eat sloths are cobras rattle snake and some pythons. Another reason I did this animal is because I can do a comparison between me and a sloth. A comparison that me and a sloth have is we are both really smart. They are smarter than me though. Sloths are slow at moving but I am really fast moving. Also a comparison is we are both animals. A contrast is that sloths have claws and i do not. One thing is that sloths live in the forest in trees in South America. I live in a house and live in North America. A fact I have that sloths have is we have better eyesight than they

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