Slower Than The Rest Analysis

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“Slower Than the Rest” by Cynthia Rylant is about a boy who is different than everyone else in his class but he meets a turtle he named Charlie who changes him. It's realist fiction and short story. In the beginning, Leo is different than his classmates and was put in a special class. He has no friends and is unhappy. Then he meets charlie driving down the road. Soon after, Leo brings Charlie in to do a presentation for forest fires week. He made the teacher cry and the students hate forest fires. In the end, Charlie helped Leo win an award for his presentation on forest fires. When he walked up for his award he finally felt fast. This story shows that Charlie changed Leo. One way Charlie changed Leo was in the beginning, he was sad and upset but in the end after…show more content…
In the beginning, Leo is put in a special class because he’s “slower than the rest.” He had no friends and he saw no way to be happy. In paragraph number 5 in of Slower Than the Rest it says “Leo had been separated from the rest of his classmates and placed in a room with other children who were as slow he. Leo thought he’d never get over it. He saw no way to be happy but Charlie took care of Leo’s happiness”. Also in paragraph 5 it says”Leo was slow in reading, slow in numbers,slow in understanding nearly everything that passed before him in class. He had no friends. This shows that Charlie changed Leo because in the beginning, Leo was unhappy. But Charlie makes him happy now when he saw no way to be happy after being put in a different classroom away from his classmates. Another way Charlie changed Leo was in the middle, Leo brought Charlie in for a presentation for forest fire week and he connected and understood it better. Leo brought charlie in for a presentation in class, everyone else's were boring or had no meaning when they were sharing. but when it was Leo’s turn he got up with his turtle in a
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