Sluggers: A Short Story

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Sluggers Today is the big day. This is the story where I truly learned to believe in my abilities and skill. I laced up my shoes and belted up my pants. Today is the day where my game changes or it doesn't. Today I was trying out for the travel team. The pinnacle of sports teams in my school area. When we arrived at the field my stomach was in knots. I looked around at the blank grassy field and I knew I was ready. I saw the other kids throwing lasers to each other and I knew I was accurate, but couldn’t throw nearly as fast. My hand was shaking as I threw to someone I had never met. My throws were rainbows as slow as molasses. Surely the coaches would see, I was doomed. Next we moved on to fielding, the coach hit us four balls each. On …show more content…

My heart was beating a thousand times a minute I was thrilled. I was starting to gain confidence in myself and in my game. About 3 months later our winter practicing began on the way there my dad told me, “No matter what happens out there, just remember it's about having fun.” As I came into practice I was greeted by the familiar faces that were at the tryout. The first thing we did was throwing with a partner. I was with my friend from basketball so I wasn’t nervous to throw to him. After about 10 minutes of throwing we transitioned into fielding. We first took ground balls from shortstop. As I fielded the ball I got my hand right into place to zip it to first base. As I shifted the ball into my hands I shifted my feet into position and gunned it towards my coach. Right in the chest, a near perfect throw. The rest of the practice went on after that and we went to hitting. I’d been a little rusty since my last at-bats. When the ball came in I felt the breeze my bat gave off as I swung my bat and connected with the ball. Practices continued to be more or less like this practice and about 2 months later we approached our big …show more content…

After we warmed up throwing to each other we went to check where we were in the batting order. I was batting 7th, but 7th was better than 11th so I was happy. We opened up the game with a bang and went up 2-0. After the end of the inning I was on deck for the next inning. It was our turn to play defense so I sprinted through the crunchy grass, frosty because of how cold it was. I was in right field and I waited for a ball to get hit to me. On the third batter he hit a high popup right in my direction I got under it with ease and made the catch to end the inning. Now It was my turn to hit there was one man on and nobody out. My heart was pounding as loud as a thousand drums. The pitcher winds and throws and I watch it

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