Social Stratification In Slumdog Millionaire

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Every movie depicts a host of social elements in every scene. It 's only when the situations are realistic, do they manage to strike a chord with the audience. Slumdog millionaire is a British film, set and filmed in India.
Slumdog millionaire is a movie set in the backdrop of the Mumbai slums and shows the life of a former street child Jamal, the protagonist and his struggle to reach the top. At different points in the film various Indian social elements are reflected. The movie starts off with the Dharavi locality, one of the biggest slums in the world. Everything in the locality, right from the housing, sanitation and hygiene lack standard and are in a very deteriorating state. The presence of slums in India reflects the overpopulation in
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Despite lack of proper status or job, such crime lords are extremely powerful and live in a lot of luxury as they resort to illegal means of acquiring wealth. Generally poor and backward people such as Salim, resort to deviant behavior by joining such people as they have no access to resources and opportunities and they want to improve their living conditions. Though caste based discrimination is not a dominant form of stratification in India any longer, the class system is an evident form of stratification in India. When Jamal participates in the show "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" and manages to reach the penultimate round, he is arrested on the suspicion of cheating. Throughout the show, Jamal is constantly snubbed by the host Prem Kumar as a ‘chai wala’. Most of the people tend to immediately judge persons based on their economic conditions. The fact that he is an uneducated and a penniless teenager causes the host of the show to judge him and doubt his abilities.
Thus, ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ depicts various social elements in our country. It shows the life of people living below the poverty line in India and the various hardships faced by them to come up in life and the various opportunities they lack to
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