Slums Problems

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ABSTRACT India is one of the fastest developing countries, proudly boasting of metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi and Chennai. During last two decades; migration from villages and small towns to metropolitan areas has increased tremendously in India. This leads to the degradation of urban environmental quality and sustainable development, especially in the metropolitan cities. The problems faced by the people living in the urban areas of India have become major concerns for the government. Slums are considered to be the major issue within many urban areas; particularly problems related to transportation, population, health and safety. Considering today’s poor urban environmental quality in India, the majority…show more content…
India alone is responsible for more deaths of children than any other country in the world. . Due to the dramatic rise of slums after India’s independence in 1947, its population has tripled.(UN-HABITAT, report, April 2007).Most of India’s population is currently living in slums. Every year, hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children die around the world and India alone is responsible for 25% of the deaths. By 1980, slum-dwellers were half of India’s entire population.(SOURCE: CENSUS OF INDIA 2011 - CIRCULAR No. 8) Slum-dwellers constantly deal with issues such as: lack of clean water, constant migration at slums, no sewage or waste disposal facilities, pollution, and unsanitary living conditions.High levels of pollution, lack of basic needs, and room-crowding are some of the basic characteristics of slum housing.The Government of India has not been able to solve the problems that are strangling the entire population of Indian…show more content…
NUMBER OF SLUMS ON THE RISE The slum population in India was counted as 42.58 million during 2001 census spread over 640 cities/ towns, which was 15 per cent of the urban population and 23.1 per cent of the cities/ towns’ population reporting slum. The life in slums is human disaster, yet the slum population is growing with alarming rate all over the world but more so in developing countries. In a report titled “The Challenge of Slums”, the United Nations Human Settlements Program (UN-HABITAT 2003) reported that one billion people — approximately one third of the world’s urban dwellers and a sixth of all humanity, live in slums. India alone constitute about one third of the global slum population. The report has warned that the population of the world's slums will double to two billion people within 30 years. “The Challenge of Slums” argues for intervention by national governments to check the rapid unplanned urban expansion which is already a human

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