Sly Fox Research Paper

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The Legend of Takoda Sly Fox was always slipping away from his tribe. He was known for disappearing, often for hours at a time. The great chief and his father, NAME never knew where he was, but he knew his son was safe, although only 12. The boy was very skilled, he could make fire with just a few sticks, he could build himself a shelter, but he was known all through the tribe for his amazing bow-and-arrow skills. His father, of course, was the one to teach him all of this, for he had to know if he were to be chief one day. “When will I become chief?” Sly Fox would ask, but all his father would say was, “The day will come, I promise.” One day Sly Fox was taking a walk and he saw a terrible storm coming towards him. He knew he had to get back…show more content…
He brought Sly Fox to his home and they played together until it got dark. Sly Fox stayed with the wolf until morning but he was hungry and he missed his family. He looked out and realized how far away from home he was, it would take hours, maybe even days to find his tribe. He began to walk back towards the wolf’s house when the wolf caught on to a scent and began to follow a path, invisible to the eye, but crystal clear to the wolf’s nose. Sly Fox did not know what he was doing or where he was going but he decided to follow the the wolf anyway. After hours of walking Sly Fox saw something in the distance and realized what it was. He began running as fast as he could with the wolf close by his side. His father greeted him with excitement when he made it back to his tribe. “We found your bow-and-arrow and thought something worse had happened to you!” “I never would have made it back without him.” The wolf stepped forward and SAME NAME thanked him for bringing Sly Fox back to him. Sly Fox believed it was a gift from the gods and decided to name the wolf Takoda*. Takoda grew to be Sly Fox’s best friend and whenever Sly Fox went out on a walk he always remembered to bring Takoda with him just in case he got
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