Small Business Importance

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The importance of research. Small business is one of the basic and most important elements of a market economy. In the world today there are about 50 million businesses, 99% of which are SMEs. High flexibility and massive coverage of small enterprises almost all areas of the internal market to the sustainable development of the economy of many countries and contribute to the stabilization of the political climate. Small business serves an important social function, providing employment for the population. The number of small business owners and their employees is one of the most important quality characteristics of any country in the developed market economies.
In a market economy, small business contributes to the saturation of the commodity
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A. Karimov “The priority objective needed to be solve – is to support small business to grow up stable and in one course, modernize it structurally, renew it’s important fields technically and technologically and to make tax policy more free”.*
Thus, a deep scientific analysis special attention should be paid to the taxation of small business in order to compensate him for the increased risks of managing. Reproduction of small business is impossible without adequate taxation him that actualizes the problem of the development of theoretical foundations to improve the system of taxation of small businesses as a condition of its development.
The level of In-depth study of research. For a long time as the taxes appeared, there always took place researches about how to use more right and fair tax policy in the sphere of taxation. The study of the principles of taxation and its impact on various areas of economic, social and public relations substantial contribution made by such well-known economists as F. Quesnay, John Keynes, A. Laffer, William Petty, Paul Samuelson, A. Smith, M. Friedman etc. They contributed their important mite into these studies. Questions assess the conditions of taxation, formation evaluation and tax climate, and the impact of the tax climate for entrepreneurial activity was assayed - H.A Mamedov, D. Anderson, K. Atkins, A. Auerbach, R. Gordon, J. Cullen аnd
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The object of research. The current system of taxation of small businesses in Japan
The subject of research. The financial relations in the course of the tax system and its impact to small businesses.
The practical importance of research. The research work will reveal the possible ways to further improve the efficiency of state-stimulating the development of small and medium-sized enterprises based on the formation of a favorable tax climate. The findings and recommendations can be used in the formulation of economic policy at the federal levels, and their implementation will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of government support measures for small and medium-sized enterprises. Furthermore, conclusion and proposals will contain comparisons of economic features between Uzbekistan and Japan. This will be most important criteria of given
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