Small Claims Case Study

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Know the Diverse Benefits of Availing Small Claims Services
A small claims court is a special court where disputes are resolved swiftly and inexpensively. It does not require any attorney, and here, the hearing is informal. It covers an encompassing range of cases, such as:
• Property damage or personal injury from a car accident
• Landlord/tenant security deposits
• Damage to your property by a neighbor
• Disputes with contractors about repairs or home improvement jobs
• Collection of money owed
• Homeowner association disputes
If you are filing the claim, you will be called as plaintiff, whereas if you are being sued, then you will be defendant. Generally, an individual can claim for $10,000 or less under Small Claims Cases. For example, if you are running a plumbing business, and want to sue a customer for not paying you, file a claim against him for $10,000 or less. If your
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Get their small claims document preparation, small claims eFiling services, and others. Let the professionals manage your e-filings, process servings, document recording, retrieval and small claims in an efficient and time-bound manner. The proficient legal experts are available all the time, and can resolve your problems effectively.
Under small claims document preparation services, the professionals will prepare the required documents to initiate or respond to a Small Claims lawsuit in CA. There are several benefits of availing small claims services, including:
• Cost: Hiring an attorney can make a big hole in your pocket, whereas the cost for filing and serving a Small Claims case is always inexpensive. There are no fixed amount, it can be just a low flat fee.
• Time: The court date can be set within 45-60 days, whereas a Superior Court may take several months, or even years in completing the whole lawful proceedings. You will be in and out of court within a couple of
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