Small Frogs Killed On The Highway Analysis

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Living life everyday in a monotonous mechanical fashion is considered a subpar style of life for many. In Small Frogs Killed on the Highway By James Wright, Wright conveys a message perfectly touching on the issue of taking chances. The speaker of the poem reflects on his past choices through describing frogs optimizing their opportunities by deciding to risk death and attempt to cross a road. Throughout the poem Wright uses objects riddled with either deeper meanings or dual meanings. Why are frogs latently compared to humans? What is the purpose of all the contrasting, descriptive imagery? What elements underlyingly stand for other items? The poem opens with the speaker reflecting on their past and relating to frogs asserting that they…show more content…
What is the reason for all the symbolism in the poem? “Auto headlights” are depicted as more sudden than anyone knew (11). Auto headlights symbolize new chances. New chances always pop up when you least expect it. Due to humans “burrow[ing) backwards” when new prospects come around “nothing begets” (13-14). What this means is that if you keep moving backwards nothing will happen. “Nothing begets” represents the fact that no new opportunities will come around. Lastly, the poem finishes up with “tadpoles… on the quarter thumbnail of the moon they can't see” (16-18). They quarter thumbnail of the moon that can't be seen yet stands for what will happen if you decide to take a chance. The symbolism in this poem was essential to understanding the stages of fresh possibilities Throughout Small Frogs Killed on the Highway Wright displayed several factors with deeper, latent meanings. The tone shift at the beginning of line 16 helps underline how when the frogs finally make it across their decision to take a chance pays off. Wright’s literal statement of taking a leap of faith has been transformed through a lyrical poem by using underlying comparisons of frogs to humans, expressive imagery to accentuate the situation, and by writing a poem riddled with
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