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Her name is Reina Hayashi. She is 27 years old this year. She is from Tochigi, Japan. She graduated from Jossai University Japan with a Master in International Culture and major in Japanese language. One of the main reasons she came to Malaysia is to expand her knowledge and to explore a whole new cultures. She’s currently working in Management and Science University under the faculty of FBMP for almost 2 months. She strives to achieve her dreams and goals by doing what she loves and passion about. She is not the typical Japanese girl who would want to settle down in that age. She is the definition of a “Small girl with big dreams”. It’s her passion to teach and share knowledge to other people while meeting new people, learning different cultures and environment.…show more content…
While living in a foreign country sounds exciting, it does have a catch. When expatriates tread on unfamiliar ground, they tend to stick to what is familiar. Thus, many expatriates never make the transition, from expatriate to compatriot. After all, becoming a part of the local culture is probably the hardest part of life abroad. It is tempting to share your experiences of living in a foreign country exclusively with other expats. Nobody else will understand your hesitation to try the local food, your problems with adjusting to the pace of life and your ambivalence towards social customs as well as those who are in the same boat. For Miss Reina, she hasn’t fully adapt with the Malaysian Culture of eating rice in most of our daily meal. Miss Reina preferred to eat more dishes than the rice. Hence it’s quite difficult for her to sit and eat in a Malay and Mamak Restaurant. She also mentioned about the values and the norms of Malaysian are quite similar back in Japan but Malaysia have its own unique culture. Also, the fact that she can speak fluent English makes her communication easier in

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