Small Group Reflection Paper

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My small group experience was back in Secondary School where I was part of my school’s National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC) Cadet Leaders’ committee. The group lasted for approximately two years. Within the two years, we have meetings every fortnightly. This committee is a task group in which all members worked together to carry out activities for the school’s NPCC unit. The Cadet Leaders’ committee comprises of 10 members. The membership composition includes, chairperson, deputy chairperson, Head of training, Head of administration and the rest were members. I was the deputy chairperson and my role includes co-facilitating meetings, planning along with organising camps and training. Assessment of Group Dynamics- Part (a) The four dimensions of group dynamics are vital for understanding and working effectively with all types of group. The dimensions include communication and interaction patterns, group cohesion, social integration and influence as well as group culture (Toseland & Rivas, 2017). 1. Communication and interaction patterns Communication is a process by which people relay meanings to each other using symbols. While interaction patterns are ways the members interacted with each other in the group (Toseland & Rivas, 2017). All the meetings were conducted face-to-face. I felt that this was a healthy aspect because it allows communication to be more effective. To illustrate, it enables members to clarify any information immediately and this helps to prevent
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