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The title of my project is ‘Critical Analysis of Major Themes from God of Small Things’ by Arundati Roy published on January 1st, 1997 and the author has also on Booker’s Prize for the same. First, I will give a brief account about the author, her style of writing, and will cite some quotations from the book. Then I will highlight the views by critics on the God of Small Things. Further, I will critically analyze the themes and the messages that Roy is trying to convey through her novel. Finally, I will conclude my thesis with practical learning’s that we gain after reading the novel.


“And the air was full of thoughts and things to say.
But at times like these,
Only the small things are ever said.”
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It revolves around tins named Estha and Rahel. The God of Small Things highlights the theme of family and relationships. Even though the three of them, Estha, Rahel and Ammu (mother) suffered so much, still they never lost hope and always stood by each other. The love and the connection between the twins cannot be described; it was unique and beautiful at the same time. The theme of love is also presented. When Ammu (Rahel and Estha’s mother) falls in love with Velutha (an untouchable) it shows that love has no boundaries and it cannot be tamed by the rules and regulations of the society. But love might have some consequences, and when the family found out about their relationship, Velutha was brutally killed by the police. Roy through this scene portrayed the mentality and the thinking of the society. How unwelcoming it was at that time. The matter of class was also taken up in the novel. How the untouchables were not even allowed to enter the house of other people. How they were deprived of the basic rights and had to suffer just because they were born in a lower caste. Totally pointless and baseless, Roy again tried to highlight how the society was all about caste and

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