Smallville Clark Kent Effect

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After Clark Kent learned of his alien origins, he realized why his parents truly kept him away from so many things in life. Throughout the pilot episode of Smallville, Clark Kent, played by Tom Welling, arose from many different conflicts with a greater knowledge of his reason for existence, as well as his own powers. When a meteor crashed into the small town of Smallville in Kansas, killing people included Lana Langs’ Parents, Clark Kent came out of the debris.
After being raised in a family on a farm, Kent was ignorant about his true origins and only wanted to fit in even though he knew that he was much different than everybody else.The parents who took Clark in were Martha Kent and Jonathan Kent who worked tirelessly to conceal their orphan
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Initially, Kent was ignorant about who Jeremy Creek was. Only until violent attacks started occurring did Clark Kent and his friends realize something suspicious. After being introduced to who Jeremy Creek was, Kent remarks,” And now he’s back in Smallville, putting former jocks into comas”. Clark Kent and his friends were conflicted over who was causing a massive amount of injuries around smallville. Although he assumed it was mere coincidence, Clark came to the learned that things may not be how they seem. As the episode continued, Clark learned Jeremy Creek’s motives for the violence. After Clark became the scarecrow, Jeremy tells him “I thought if I punished them it would stop. But it never stops.”. Clark learned through this information why Jeremy decided to injure these people, but also taught himself not to direct his own anger back onto other people. During the climax of the main fight between Creek and Clark at the school Kent comes to the realization of his own destiny. Jeremy tells him, “I’m not doing this for me. I’m doing this for you and for all others like us...I have a gift, and a purpose, and a destiny.” Clark responded by saying “So do I”. During the outset of the episode, Clark never realized the purpose of his powers, but until this scene, he finally understood his destiny to use his powers in order to protecting people 's lives, unlike
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