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Abstract—The standard of living for humans has increased drastically because of modern technology. These days, shopping at malls and supermarkets has become part of everyday life. As a result, these places are brimming with people. The most common thing used in malls and marts is a shopping cart. Every time, customers have to push a trolley from rack to rack when shopping for different items. Also, a person has to keep his budget in mind. After completing the shopping, the customer has to stand in a long queue for billing. To avoid the problems of pushing the cart, waiting in queue and thinking about the budget, the idea of “Person Following Smart Shopping Cart” has been proposed. The proposed idea eases the shopping experience in a…show more content…
The functioning of the system is explained below: When the customer puts a product into the cart, the RFID reader will read the RF tag of the product. The price of the product and other related information is stored in the system’s memory. Information stored in the system's memory is compared with the lookup table. If matches are found, then the cost and name of the respective product gets displayed on the LCD screen. If an unwanted product is removed from the cart, it decreases the number of products as well as the bill amount. After completion of shopping, a button is pressed, indicating final billing of all the products. Thus, the final information of all products is transmitted to a computer with the help of serial to USB converter, and the final billing is done by VB software on a computer. V.RESULT and CONCLUSION In automatic cart, there is no need to push the cart from rack to rack or worry about the budget. Also, the billing process is simplified. The microcontroller-based smart shopping cart automatically follows the customer. It also maintains a certain distance between the customer and itself. The total cost as well as the number of products in the cart is displayed on an LCD screen. Facilities such as automatic collision detection and directions are provided. So, we could successfully implement the concept of “Person Following Smart Shopping

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