Smart Fashion Aesthetics

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This essay is structured as follows: (i) introduces the future of smart fashion wearables, as a theme, that crosses boundaries between many disciplines, particularly from the aesthetic and value creation deliberation perspective related to fashion creation and design, (ii) the challenges and opportunities of fashion creation and design, (iii) comparison between fashion creation and design, (iv) pillars of fashion creation and design to attain sustained value creation and optimum user experience, (v) describes the creation of value when aesthetic beat technology, (vi) the theoretical foundation based on various relevant theories, (vii) deals with the research orientation, strategy and analysis of three companies, as case study, with respect…show more content…
Aesthetics is a philosophy that examines the creation and appreciation of beauty that plays a role in everyday private, social and business lives. From an epistemological context point of view, aesthetic is the contemplation of sensory-emotional values. Beauty carries two concepts of value - aesthetics and taste. The aesthetics dimension is palpable by the fashion designers' creativity, originality and by the ability to rupture design convocations. Fashion designers must satisfy real-world needs while considering traditional senses of beauty and value that encircle aesthetic. A fashion designer is a creative individual dedicated and responsible for the value driver and value delivery that guide the overall design process. Comparing to other forms of design knowledge, fashion design is developed through physical, conceptual and emotional interactions with products and creates visual language inducing emotional responses as a form of social…show more content…
Fashion´s rendezvous with art, style and beauty is a topic of fashion creation. Fashion creation is converting intangible idea to tangible concept from the art, style and beauty perspective to create value. “Fashion is an art. Art is creative, and men are the creators,” insisted the couturier Jacques Fath in 1954. Saint Laurent showed his pop art dresses and incorporated elements from daily life into his art in 1966. A major exhibition, in 2010, on Saint Laurent (organized in Paris) described the late designer as “one of the greatest artists of the (20th) century”. “Art is art. Fashion is fashion” says Karl Lagerfeld. “However, Andy Warhol proved that they can exist together.” (Geczy & Karaminas, 2012, p. 3-43). A fashion creator is an individual endowed with artistic talent converting idea to concept with cogent vision and responsible for the value creation of smart fashion wearables and accessories that guide the overall success of the

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