Smart Grids Advantages And Disadvantages

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This paper shows the meaning of Smart Grids in principle. It contains the advantages and benefits of this intelligent structures. Also, the two most significant renewable energy sources with their problems are mentioned. To solve this challenge in the future, an overview of different communication technologies is given at the end.
Index Terms – Smart grids, renewable energy, communication technology

In an increasingly deregulated and distributed energy market, communication between the points of energy generation, distribution, and consumption becomes an essential constituent of efficient grid control. The traditional approach of controlling power production by means of a few large power plants is less viable if a critical mass of small,
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Moreover renewable energy provides clean and reliable energy sources which can be used in many applications in remote villages.[2]

Smart grid is a modern electric power grid infrastructure for improved efficiency, reliability and safety, with smooth integration of renewable energy and alternative energy sources.[1] It heavily depend on communication in order to coordinate the generation, distribution, and consumption of energy. Even more so if distributed power plants based on renewable energies are taken into account. A communication system is the key component of the smart grid infrastructure.

Basically, two types of information infrastructure are needed for information flow in a smart grid system. The first flow is from sensor and electrical appliances to smart meters, the second is between smart meters and the utility’s data center.[3]

ZigBee is a wireless communications technology that is relatively low in power usage, data rate, complexity, and cost of deployment.[1] It is an ideal technology for smart lightning, energy monitoring, home automation, and automatic meter reading. It can communicate with the integrated devices and control them or send messages to the home owners, and home owners can reach the information of their real-time energy

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