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In today's’ world, there have been numerous of innovation and technology advancement in order to realize the desire of people. Consequently, those innovation and establishment consumed tons of energy and previous estimation revealed that the consumable energy increased each year. Electricity is indeed an essential part of human daily lives especially numerous of appliances in household, factories, etc. require energy. Thus, people keep increasing their usage without proper management of the energy. Additionally, people are still reluctant to know on the impact or consequences of such usage behavior. This research will highlighted on the relevance of using smart meter in attaining energy as well as cost saving in Malaysia setting. An analysis on the energy consumption before and after applying the smart meter system in different setting will be performed. In sum, this research may provide better comprehension on the significance of implementation of smart meter system in this country.
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Hence, there is a need to replace the current system and processes currently being used. This system are called as the smart meter system are type of electrical meters which are capable to classify the energy consumption in a such comprehensive manner as compared to conventional energy meters. Smart meter is the digital meter which it can be easily read by consumer and demonstrated meter a lot of function as compared to analog meter. This meter is able to get as many data needed or type of reading and it will restore inside the meter. Moreover, this type of smart meter can give real time reading. For that reading, smart meter will create the pattern of consumption consumer. From that pattern, consumer can get more information the quality of the supply and also get an accurate billing services. The other advantages is consumer can make request to use or cut off the

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