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Concept of a Smart Village Concept of Smart Village is still in its nascent stage and a lot has to come to clearly define and conceptualize this idea. The idea of Smart Village is used throughout the world with different classification, background and significance. There are a few different ideas which replace smart with intelligent or digital are also widely used these days. Some people are thinking of Smart Village as an idea for newly built cities keeping in mind that the concept of smart city is not always the same. There are various definitions of Smart Villages out of which one says that Smart Village means providing a sustainable life to its people which includes providing education, having skill development centers, access to good…show more content…
There has been a rapid movement of rural people to the cities in search of better opportunities and better life. Hence Smart Village will provide all the facilities available in the cities and also will improve the living standards of rural people. There have been certain objectives of a smart village that are defined by the government. The objectives are: • To provide the best available global means to local needs of the people residing in the villages to improve their living standards • Use of information technology to its maximize possible limit in order to benefit the rural community to largest extent • Analysis of the villages on various socio-economic parameters at a micro as well as macro level • Improving the education system in order to increase the literacy rate of the villages and also reducing the dropout rate from the schools • Providing better employment opportunities to the youths of the village by sharing the profiles of rural youth to the potential employers in India and…show more content…
Schemes like Digital Panchayat, eKranti, e-Disha, Smart PHC etc are launched for the Smart villages. Also the success of all these depends on the stakeholders and the village people who are the end users for all these facilities. The concept of sustainability is also not clearly stated in India as it is full of challenges and special attention must be given to it to make it investment attractive. Criteria of a Smart City A village which has foresight for the development and proper planning to keep the village clean, healthy, green, pollution free, crime free and disease free with co-ordination of various community development and welfare schemes of Government. Smart Village tries to increase facilities for the citizen by taking decisions democratically and in which the youth, women, farmers, village artisans, backward and deprived people may get equal opportunity for development. The core infrastructure elements in a smart village would include: • Ample water supply, • Guaranteed electricity supply, • Sanitation, including solid waste management, • Competent urban mobility and public transport, • House for everyone, • Better agriculture support, • Accessibility to government schemes • Stout IT connectivity and digitalization, • Good governance, • Eco-friendly environment, • Safety and security of citizens, women empowerment, • Health and

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