Smarter Than You Think Analysis

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In recent years, there has been a controversy of how technology is influencing society 's intellectual as well as cognitive development. In this essay, I intend to examine the full scope of how technology is affecting society 's intellectual development, as well as responding to an essay in light of this issue. In the essay titled "Smarter than You Think: How technology Is Changing Our Minds for the Better," Clive Thompson writes how technology is affecting our cognition as well as intellectual development in a positive manner. Mainly, he uses the example of how artificial intelligence has outplayed a human in a game of chess, which is considered the ultimate display of human thought, and exemplifies how this event has impacted human 's for the better. While this spectacle seems alarming to most…show more content…
This issue attracts my attention because I am fascinated with how technology affects our modern day world and the effects that it has imposed on society in recent years as well as the possible effects it can bare in the future. The article in itself brought light to my attention because it is actually proposing that technology holds benefits in our society. Most people today would argue that technology is deterring our abilities by making us too reliant, lazy, and perhaps even promoting antisocial behavior. However, I contend that it is actually leading our society to global innovations and discoveries by providing access to an enormous source of data and information. I would also argue that technology is increasing our ways of communication by means of social media networks as well advancing our cognitive capabilities by forcing us to keep up with artificial intelligence, a point which the author of this essay strongly expresses. The essay presented by the author is also compelling to me because it provides a good argument for how technology is positively changing the way that we think as well as enables us to advance in our cognitive and intellectual abilities as
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