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status on smartphones in the world. The smartphone has become much more sophisticated and it improved consumer behaviors. The smartphone is actually a mobile phone, based on an Operating System, which possess all the major functions of a Computer, like web browsing, emailing, video and voice chatting, audio-video playback, gaming and others. This empirical study to describe qualitative of approaches for new technology concepts with consumers’ needs. This study involves extended with one model; which is Davis (1985) proposed technology acceptance model (TAM). TAM model is one of the most extensively used of behavioral models within all information technology systems. This TAM models system usage intention and behavior as a part of perceived…show more content…
Nowadays, millions of people owned have at least one smartphone around the world and the entrance is increasing explanatory rate (ITU, 2015). The power of a smartphone in 2010 has been smarter and sophisticated in 2005 (Roshan, 2010), such as Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia/Pacific countries customers more use, its highest rank of the smartphone market. Because of smart Band is one of the reasons and also sophisticate the worldwide smartphone market. Its operating system standard in this picture shown. Now days, most of the cell phones are addressed as ‘smartphone’, as they offer more advanced capabilities to make a voice call, video call, SMS, and MMS, smart phones has been as a new technology. We consider their purchasing decisions and behaviors as well as create a viable understanding related to their marketing, product such as mobile phones on new technology. Which had the first commercial mobile phone was launched in the 1970s; mobile technology has created a game-changing disruption in the telecommunication industry, collect from Wikipedia. But the new technology, it has been smarter and sophisticated with multi-functional application and has changed the name become smartphone. Importantly, smartphones now provide access to millions of mobile applications (apps) which offer a worldwide service…show more content…
Taiwanese smartphone maker Asus has launched its camera-focussed Zenfone Zoom smartphone in India. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC, 2015), the top five brands in India are Samsung, Micromax, carbon, Lava and Motorola. There are many smartphone manufacturing companies in India as their market. Some of the major smartphone companies are Apple, Asus, Acer, HTC, Blackberry, Nokia, Sony and LG etc. India is among the fastest-growing smartphone markets among the emerging markets this year. The IDC report suggests that a total of 109.44 million Asus smartphones would be sold in India this year, jumping as much as 33.75 percent from last year’s 81.82 million units. According to the IDC, the penetration rate of Acer smartphones in India is only 23 percent and the tablet market in the India still has a nearly 25 percent annual growth

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