Smartphone Addiction Essay

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Over 90% of the American population owns a cell phone, with 65% of the people owning smartphones. A smartphone is a handheld personal computer with instant communication, immediate answers, and it has the ability to addict millions of people. These phones are constantly being used and within seconds information can be spread. They have become a major contributing factor to society’s stress. These devices can be very beneficial and make things easier. However, they are mostly destructive in the world’s environment. Communication, one of the very most important skills is ruined by smartphones. People have lost the capability to socialize. Smartphones have taken over this aspect and have replaced it with associations only in the digital world.…show more content…
Most of them didn’t grow up on technology, so it was a very exciting change to them when phones came out. However, these teenagers slowly became addicted to the devices. Smartphones have changed things drastically for them. Social interaction has become digital. For example, people will now consider spending time together as just being on their phone’s together. They will text their friends who are in the same room as them and consider this to be talking. Teenagers have lost the ability to keep eye contact because of constantly looking at their phones. Instead of enjoying moments, adolescents are taking pictures to remember them. Some even say “If you don’t take a picture, did it even happen?” However after a point, the event becomes all about the pictures that no memories are…show more content…
Years of ago, there was the fun in debating and not knowing who was right in a friendly argument. Now, things can be proven in a matter of seconds. The knowledge of the world is held in your back pocket. This may seem to be a beneficial thing, but for some it is another addition to why these phones are negative. It is way too easy to get information and to share media. People use this as a platform to bully. Smartphones make cyberbullying one of the easiest things to do. More than 1 and 3 people have been bullied online. Individuals can anonymously hurt others without learning how to confront and deal with problems in person. These phones give people an indirect way to be

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