Alexander Graham Bell: The Rise Of The Smartphone Industry

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1.0 Introduction Alexander Graham Bell was the man who invented and introduced the first telephone which can enable a person to communicate with another. Soon after the economy begin to rise and the technology starts to bloom the very first cellular phone were introduced know as the personal digital assistant (PDA). This personal digital assistant (PDA) enables a person some activities such as sending and receiving e-mails amending an office document. (Azzawi and Ezeh, 2012). In this new era of globalization, technology advancement influences too many innovations in the cellular industry and several improvements were applied according to the demand from the users. That is where the smartphones enters the market. The term smartphone refers…show more content…
This is because smartphone are powerful new computing device that endow with traditional wireless voice service as well as native software applications. Besides that, smartphone has the capability to connect to and run an innumerable of internet based service, including email, geo location, streaming video, and social networking such as facebook, twitter, instagram and many more besides it also provides a good user experience. As for the reason smartphone attracts the customer to purchase. (Chow et al., 2012). With those popularities and functions smartphones have seen an increase in term of demand. Previous research studies have indicates on how smartphone have changed from being an abject of “conspicuous consumption” and intense epidemic curiosity to becoming a mundane, ordinary artefact. The association that links human and smartphones together have been described as an increasingly in dissoluble unit (Ting et al., 2011). In the global market the sales of smartphone is expected to increase rapidly and continue growing for another few years (Hong, Teh & Soh,…show more content…
This clearly explains that younger consumers are more adaptive and have the high willingness accept to the innovation of technology in terms of smartphone. The usage rate of smartphone among the university students are also on the rise (Ting et al., 2011). Some of the popular brands of smartphone available in Malaysia are Apple, Samsung, Sony, HTC, Nokia and LG. Among these brands, Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone have the highest competition in the market. These smartphone brands have higher chances in influencing the students purchasing decision. Previous researchers have done research by testing on few variables which can influence young consumers to purchase smartphones. Among those variables are social needs, social influence, convenience, dependency, compatibility, price, relative advantage, social needs, convenience, entertainment and dependency. (Yee, Siew & Fah,
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