Smartphone Communication: The Argumentative Effects Of Communication

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Communication means a lot to the relationships, basically, chatting is the easiest and the most fundamental way for constructing the communication. However, after smartphones accompanied with cellular has been deeply promoted which also brings a revolution to the media world in the same time (Wang 2011), there comes up a common social idea that smartphones are now destroying our relationships by obstructing the important conversations among people. Can it be true? In this essay, we will discuss whether the argumentative idea about smartphones is true or not by analyzing the two sides of the idea itself. Namely, starting with entering into analyzing what smartphones have truly brought us, then focusing on the effects on particular population…show more content…
The most fundamental thing for communication is to deliver people’s personal idea and feelings and the simplest way to achieve it is talking. Only typing and texting on the smartphones loses the verbal communicating which at the same time the emotional issues are difficult to be delivered (Schwarz, Rebecca M 2008). Still, there comes a opinion that the developed technology in smartphone apps has a great help in the face-to-face communication between the disabilities. Professor Chia-Ming Chang from Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom wrote an study journal in showing that new apps nowadays can construct a conversation easily between two disabled people. “In the meantime, the smartphone communication technologies have opened new communication opportunities” (Chang 2015). There is no doubt that apps and smartphones have changed our lives greatly nowadays and also binging us much convenience in life (Gaylord, By, and Chris 1980). Nevertheless, apart from most of the people in society are not disabled, the app for the disabilities still needs people to type in words. Even the reading voice of the words which are typed in is still the sound of robot which can still not conclude the emotion and express the feeling correctly. Besides, it will never contain the gestures. Gestures are the motions when a person is speaking freely and can be known as an significant part of communication (Ryo Tasaka, Junko Ichino, Hitomi Yokoyama 2016). Similarly, from the professor Sherry Turkle’s previous bestselling book Reclaiming conversation she insisted the opinion that conversation is the most humanizing thing that we do. “It’s where empathy is born—because of eye contact, because we can hear the tones of another person’s voice, sense their body movements, sense their presence. It’s where we learn about other people. But, without meaning

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