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“Mobile devices had become an important role of human life. According to new researches, the smartphone section is growing quickly. Smartphones, cell phones feature phones are products that are classified as mobile phones. A smart phone may differs in many ways from the regular cell phones or feature phone. On the other hand smartphone products have a short lifetime and the frequency of changing from one product to another is high almost the same as for example the automotive industry. Many people who are the frequent user of a product or service changes their smartphones on regular basis as they had a high demand of frequency of change according to their basis of their income, way of living, business purpose and status. This also means that…show more content…
Due to knowing about something (awareness) and new smartphones launching quality of life of human had been to a great ease. Smartphones make life easier for checking mails, bank account and it can used as a great drivers-e Google map and you can reach any destination.”
“In Smartphone Industry, brand equity success plans or ways of reaching goals are one of the most important marketing tools to improve customer brand equity because manufacturers tells or show the difference between them based on brand equity. The competitiveness of Smartphone market in Pakistan is fighting because the features and attributes of all Smartphone’s appear almost the same in the consumer market. Therefore, it is very hard for people who uses a smartphones to show the difference between products due to the variety and
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However, within the mobile industry specifically, only a limited amount of research has been carried on brand equity from a consumer perspective .This study is mainly focuses on the leading brand preference for mobile phone and the attitude of consumers belongs to low, middle and high income groups are taken in Pakistan. Everyone has got a mobile phone today because it has many advantages such as use of ease and availability everywhere and every time but if they don't want to be available once, no problem, you may turn it off and switch to smartphones. Mobile operating system plays essential role in the development of mobile phones and smartphones. The major scope of study is to find out different factors that may affect the customer loyalty and brand equity in

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