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Today’s mobile technology plays a more and more important role in business operation and people’s daily life helping companies to be more productive and profitable as the demand for business information and applications access is flooding as essential consumer preferences and behavior growing into the business workforce. All cellphone makers are competitive with each other on technological smartphone products, such as Apple, Samsung, Sony, etc. I will use Apple’s iPhone as the typical example of smartphones because iPhone almost covers all smartphone functions compared with all other smartphone brands. In this paper, I will explain the reasons why smartphones help business to be more profitable, analyze the improvements in business performance…show more content…
Smartphone technology could change the way how a company does business. For example, the largest complain about Starbucks from customers is the long waiting line during busy hours. To solve the problem, Starbucks operates a new app function, which allows customers to order drinks and food on phone and pick them up later. The interactive ordering process could increase their sales revenue by avoiding losing the customers who do not want the long waiting line.
Moreover, smartphone technology could significantly enhance advertising and marketing. By using smartphones, potential customers could see business advertisements via a wide range of marketing channels, such as applications, social media, QR codes and so on. The company could customize these ads to reach their target audience. By customization, smartphone technology could make marketing more effective to the customer
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CPS’s networking infrastructure has been changed by deploying smartphones and mobile app. CPS can send only one employee to visit a site, take pictures of damaged equipment and send back to the office, instead of sending a small group of people in the past. For future development, CPS could provide an innovative customer experience by using smartphone. For example, customers can report the damage to CPS by taking pictures, uploading and online chatting with technology representatives via the customer end app. There would be a more efficient process by directly sending the right person to the site to fix the problem. Lloyd’s construction has implemented mobile software called eTrace to help track worker and equipment, instead of using radios in the past, which got a worse radio reception as more cellphone towers were built. For future development, I would suggest Lloyd’s construction to develop a customer end mobile app. Customer would be able to require services and track the process on

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