Smartphone Technology Pros And Cons

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THE “SMART” YOUTH! One of the most advanced modern technology in the world today, that has made our life comfortable and easy is none other than the Smart Phones; facilitating us not only with the provision of speaking to some other person at a different place but also to connect with the rest of the world at a given time and place. Almost everyone is an owner of the smartphone technology, but it was not so long ago that the technology was first introduced to the general public. Because of its capacity to fulfill the technological wants and needs of the public, it has been able to capture the market worldwide. Prior to the invention of smartphones, there were several devices that were being used, including regular mobile phones and PDA devices to communicate with the rest of the world. Eventually, with the coming of age, technology was combined and the concept of SMARTPHONES came into being. The most delighting thing about…show more content…
We may say that its mode of usage depends on the users itself. Yes, this indeed holds true to a great extent. Social crime and violence arising among the younger generations due to the excessive usage and obsession related to this technology is an issue that is known to almost all of us. It is surely the fastest medium through which someone’s privacy can be breached. Not only crimes it does limit itself, but youths demanding for latest smartphones from their parents at a tender age, even without being aware of its usage, is too common; which many a time possess a problem for the parents. The main reason behind such behavior can be considered as the factor of ‘showing off’ that is so common these days. Another impact that we come across too often is that the loss of creativity and the wish to vest labor while doing things, of whatever sort that

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