Smartphones Negative Effects

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Smartphones: Connects Long Distant, Disconnects Reality
In the last twenty years, technology has become a worldwide phenomenon; becoming a trademark in all our lives and our homes. From smartphones and iPad to Google Home and smartwatches, we allowed technology to get the best of us, we use gadgets and widgets for just about everything without a push of the button, we can just use the sound of our voice. But the ones who suffered the most with the technology kick is… Teens. Adolescence has become so enticed and enhanced with technology that parents and teachers have a difficult time trying to get them to pay attention and keep it out of their hands and their sight. Statistic show that 73% of all teens have access to a smartphone, on average, they send about 30 texts a day. Teens are addicted to Facebook, Twitter, and other apps that it’s difficult for teens to concentrate. Smartphones has had a negative impact on teens, they become so entwined
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With the first true ever smartphone coming out in 1992, the first phone that we consider a “smartphone” came out in 2007. iPhone made the multitouch smart phones iconic. The first phone that doesn’t require a keyboard, or a stylus. Teens and adults loved the innovated phone that over the last 10 years of these devices, iPhone has made 700 billion in revenue, selling 1.2 billon phones since their start on June 29th, 2007. Over this decade teens have become so engrossed looking at their phone screen that they don’t interact with their peers. Teens don’t have the required social skills that they should have at their age thanks to technology. Adolescence need more social skills, rather than social media. According to the guardian, “Adolescents who want to get ahead at work need to spend a bit less time on their smartphones and get an awful lot better at studying the codes that come in
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