How Smartphones Affect Society

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Smartphones have become an important device in people's everyday lives. However, the excessive use of smartphones can hurt society. There are a few benefits that smartphones contribute to society. For example, some people may say that smartphones are a great tool for communication with family and friends or that they provide instant access to information or help. Despite the few advantages, these devices have created a growing problem on society such as distraction and mental health issues. Smartphones have revolutionized humanity. In Shaw Nielsen's, "Smartphones Mean You Will No Longer Have to Memorize Facts," the writer discusses how people's memorization skills have been replaced by smartphones. Many cell phones have also replaced direct…show more content…
In Brett Molina's, "Do Smartphones keep us in or out of touch?" the writer explains how smartphones are very powerful. "Most of us can walk and chew gum at the same time. But add a smartphone and beware the zombies" (Brett 9). Most adults, teenagers, and even children own a smartphone, but for what purpose? Despite their usefulness, cell phones are a major distraction. These devices are always in people's pockets. People spend most of their time with the phone. A typical day of a smartphone user is as follows: wakes up and checks their phone. During meals, they are using their smartphone. At school, their face is buried in the cell phone. The constant notification alert noises and vibrations of their smartphone are taking away their attention from writing an essay that they have due tomorrow. Before bed, they are straining their eyes just to get a last glimpse. This is what someone would call smartphone addiction. "A 21-year-old Texas woman was charged in June after her 6-month-old daughter drowned in a bathtub. According to investigators, the mother was on Facebook Messenger while the baby was left unattended" (Brett 9). It is heartbreaking how a mother would just do that to their own child. That mother is a disgrace. People like that should not even have children if they are going to spend most of their time on a smartphone. If they are planning to have children, parents need to put down their phones and focus more on their
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