Essay On The Influence Of Technology On My Life

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Technology has clearly given our world numerous advantages and positive resources. One of the most controversial aspects to technology, however, holds many negative opinions. These debated views are geared towards smartphones because of their accessibility. From a young age children are introduced to these devices, and when they finally get one of their own they rarely put them down. One of the reasons that youth find smartphones so difficult to turn away from is social media. I am one of multiple teenagers who spend most of their free time on social media. There is a certain feeling that comes from checking in on people who are able to do countless things that I am not, such as going on their yearly trip to the Maldives, which is quite addicting. This habit of mine has contributed to the decline of other more healthy habits, such as reading or exercising. For this I understand the displeasure that majority of adults and even some teenagers hold towards smartphones. While there are poor qualities, there are many reasons why social media is a positive influence to my life. When smartphones and…show more content…
When it comes to the technology that I have had readily available all my life, I believe it has made it harder to put forth a lot of energy and dedication to complex and in-depth tasks, as technology allows most information to be available with the touch of a couple keys which shortens my patience. Though it may be more difficult than it would be for previous generations who had to dedicate hours upon hours at the library for a single question, my love for knowledge and innate drive allows me to surpass these troubles. My experience at SDSU will be affected by growing up in the iGen in a largely positive way, as I will be able to experience those adult characteristics I have yet to enjoy, while meeting a large amount of great people with the same passion and heart that I
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