Smartwatch History

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Introduction Since the evolution of watch from spring-powered clock in the 17th century, many different kinds of watches have been invented in the years afterward. Owing to the advancing technology in these years, different designs of watches are emerging in an endless stream. According to the survey [1], almost 80% of interviewees own 1 or more watches. Although [2] shows that only one fifth users are using wearable technology devices, 71% of those who aged 16 to 24 want to own a wearable technology device [3]. The amount of wearable tech device users is expected to rise in the near future. However, while the existing technology of the battery is not mature enough to support the heavy usage of wearable devices, advancing technology are pushing…show more content…
In 1982, the first major breakthrough was unveiled by the Japanese company, Seiko, which created the first digital watch capable of running applications and storing data. In 1998, the first smartwatch in the history, running Linux as operating system, was designed and created by Steve Man. In the following years, the development of smartwatch technology had experienced rapid advancement. Various kinds of new functions such as wireless communication and wrist camera started being implanted into the watches. After the company Sony released the new wearable device with touch screen and OLED display that able to connect and interact with smartphone using Bluetooth technology, more and more company such as Apple, Google, Samsung started involving in the development of wearable technology…show more content…
By combining the existing technologies such as wearable device technology and the technologies of portable power generators, the product could be able to be produced with both theoretical and technological feasibilities. As the watch is equipped with the portable generator, electricity will be generated when users are moving. The watch would be charging anytime and anywhere so as to provide a long-lasting battery life while improving the energy efficiency of the product. Choosing plastic to be the major materials of manufacturing the watch helps reducing the production cost while at the same time providing user a light-weighted and comfortable tactile quality. In the meanwhile, as Power Watch is a modifiable smartwatch, consumers would be able to upgrade the watch by simply replacing the unwanted part. For example, when the generator part malfunction or when a new generator is released due to the advancement of technology, consumers do not need to pay for an entirely new device, which help reducing the cost and be more environmentally friendly.

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