Smith V. Smith In Prison Case Study

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As a parole board member, I would like to release offender Smith under specific conditions. Before I discuss the conditions, I simply need to give a little summary of the offender violations he committed. Mr. smith was arrested for forcible rape and aggravated assault to his girlfriend. Offender Smith and his girlfriend at the time were both high off cocaine or PCP. She didn 't want to engage in sexual relations with him, so Mr. Smith got extremely upset and punched her and ruthlessly assaulted her. While Smith served six years in jail, he hasn 't had any prior convictions or arrest. He had finished an education program and a sex offender treatment program while in prison. Smith additionally went to Narcotics Anonymous gatherings while in prison, and has no institutional disciplinary infractions.…show more content…
Smith mother passed away while he served prison time. She left Mr. Smith the house in a similar town where the occurrence happened. Smith was offered to have his job back from his former employer, Joe Doe Construction company, when he gets release from prison. His ex-girlfriend is also the mother of their two children. She is frightened that he would want revenge when he’s release from prison. Remind you he had severely assaulted his ex, and she now have a minor nerve damage on the left side of her face from one of his punches. She is emotionally and physical damage from the
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