Smitty In Jane Smiley's Essay

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Secrets, everyone has secrets, But is it always the best option to stay quiet and not say the secret? In the book, a person named Smitty is an intelligent person who never speaks nor shows emotions. Stuff has happened to him before that made him what he is now. From the time Ginny met Smitty, she has tried everything to help him out and the same goes to caulder.

Ginny, a girl who had just moved into town and her first day of school began. The moment she saw Smitty, That’s when she right away was interested in him. She met a friend named Hally which told her all about Smitty. As Hally and Ginny were walking to their second period, Hally said “ he never smiles, he never frowns, and he never cries.” I think this quote means that Smitty is maybe scared to show his emotions because people might be asking him what had happened over the past 15 years on why he had been silent and not speaking. Hally said that there is something wrong going on with him. Hally told Ginny all she knew about Smitty. As the second day came, Ginny meets a new neighbor named Caulder. On the other hand, Smitty who is a high school brilliant. He
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You never knew how the relationship will go. It is possible that they may turn out to be a really good friend one day. As we learn the characters In “ The Only Alien On Planet” are very helpful to Smitty to speak and not to be quiet. We have learned that keeping secrets can sometimes be bad, but at the same time it could be good because people wouldn't be talking about your past behind your back.

In conclusion, Ginny from the first time she met Smitty she knew she liked him and wanted to be with him, she tried to help him out so he can speak but never worked, until the day where they went to the party. That is when Smitty had said his first word in the past 15 years. But Ginny had pushed Smitty far that made him end up in the
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