Essay On The Causes Of Haze In Thailand

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The Annual haze and smog problem in Chiang Mai, Thailand
The best known of Chiang Mai are beautiful landscape, unique culture, livable city and fresh air. So, there are many people want to travel in Chiang Mai and some of them want to buy the land, build their own landmark for spending time with family on holidays or for their whole life. However, nowadays, there are many reasons of the changing Chiang Mai such as the growing up of tourism industry and increasing population that come from the other cities of Thailand or other countries. These reasons can cause many problems, especially, air pollution. In Northern of Thailand, the annual haze has come early, affecting both citizens ' health and the local economy that is including traffic in and out of the region 's airports. It is a problem in every year caused by intemperate field burning in the region during the dry season. For recently year the smog come earlier than before.
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Some years, the pollution is an issue of days, while other years it can drag on for weeks. The worst of the haze is often over in April. The smog in Northern of Thailand is caused by a combination of determinations. The burning forests is the main reason. Slashing and burning farm techniques have been using in common for long time in the Northern of Thailand as our neighbor country, Laos and Burma.
The smog and haze have been affecting many provinces in northern Thailand. As the major city in the North, Chiang Mai often makes the headlines during what some people call the ‘smog season’. Even Though the haze is a real big problem all over Chiang Mai province, official statistics over the years shows that the pollution is usually harsher in the provinces of Chiang Rai and Mae Hong Son . In addition, other provinces in the north are also affected from smog and haze such as Lamphun, Lampang, Phayao, Phrae and

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